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After tests, Syd brings Will the good news

Syd says Will is Will and not NotWill

which seems to make Will happy and hugging, although the nots are confusing

Syd says the file said A.G.Doren is the double and Will says sounds fuzzily familiar

At the rink, when Vaughn suggests a weekend in Santa Barbara

Syd says something always interrupts

and Vaugh says, ya think?

and on cue, Vaughn gets called into the office

after a quick smooch

leaving Syd alone on the ice

Suddenly there is Irina saying Syd needs to go to Zurich to get Sloane's Rambaldi collection from this warehouse, and here's the address

but Syd's not buying it when Irina says she just wants to help Syd, which is why Syd decides to go after her with her hockey stick

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