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So she contemplates her navel, or rather a new scar in the naval region

until Vaughn enters the room   Large    

Lots of hugs

and hugs

and Syd asking about Will and Francie, and Vaughn says that Will is OK

Vaughn says they asked him to come back and explain, that they thought she was dead,

and Syd says come back from what

and Vaughn rubs his face with his hand, where a ring is visible

and Syd says what's with the ring

and Vaughn says since that night, it's been nearly two years since she went missing and they thought she was dead

What does all of this mean? Is Syd missing two years of her life? Is Vaughn married?
Where are Mom and Dad? What happened to that Rambaldi device that was due
to start up the day Syd fought NotFrancie aka Allison?  Is true that the waffle iron they
found makes great waffles? And did Slartybartfarst really design the fjords of Norway?
Answers take time, or at least four months,
unless there are some really great spoilers this summer.

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