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Mom wins

and Syd grimaces

as Irina tells her what's really up this season

Seems Irina turned herself in to the CIA so that she could get the info on where the US
was storing its 24 Rambaldi artifacts. The idea was to get Syd and the CIA to trust her    .

That sheet of paper Sark gave Sloane     was a proposal from Irina to bring down the
Alliance and to steal the 24 artifacts to add to Sloane's 23 to make one gagunta
Rambaldi thingy

So she manufactured the whole Echelon infiltrating scam     just so she could access
the CIA computers and find out where the artifacts were. There were in Nevada at a
secret facility which Sloane raided a week later

Irina said the tough part was leaving    , because she really did love Syd and Jack

and that was sad

and it made Irina sad thinking about it

and Syd sad hearing about it

just before Irina knocks her out to make good her escape

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