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NotFrancie gets her Provacillium pills delivered by Sark himself

along with the info that the doubling machine is bust, but they hope to fix it

and along with a kiss that leaves Sark wondering about how Will fits into this

and we find out NotFrancie's real name is Allison

and that Sark looks a little wistful when she leaves

Back at the CIA, with Irina's latest intel

Kendall tells the NSA guy thanks for not telling us about the Rambaldi theft in Nevada, and do you still have the heart?

NSA Brandon says stuff it and leaves

Syd's all for risking the Zurich warehouse raid

Jack says that Irina's probably doing it out of guilt, so go to Zurich

Vaughn says something about maybe that still wouldn't be all the pieces, but this picture is in here primarily for aesthetic enjoyment rather than importance to the recap

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