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Once more this season, Jack winds up strapped to a table, this time with an IV in his arm

Sloane comes by with the news that there is a Rambaldi device being assembled in the next room, called Il Dire, or The Telling

Jack says he use to pity Sloane and his Rambaldi fixation, and why doesn't Sloane kill him, and Sloane says he won't because Jack is his friend

Back in LA, Marshall and Carrie have a cute moment as they research

Will and Weiss find out more about Allison Doren

and the fact that she died in a a fiery bus crash and was never identified properly

and Syd gets a call from her mom

Irina says that she didn't know about the crates and that Sloane must suspect that
Irina was betraying him somehow. She tells Syd to find Sark at a club in Stockholm,
and that Sark knows Sloane's whereabouts

So off go Syd and Vaughn to Stockholm

to a trendy night club filled with blonds

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