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So Vaughn, what's been happening during the summer hiatus? Are you still married? Is it two years later? Can I ever get off of this chair?


Hey at least I didn't have to tread water all summer like last year. Anyway, it's a long story, and will take many episodes to sort through, but it all began two years ago

with this big fire at your apartment, that Will survived

but you didn't, or at least the body we found whose DNA matched yours didn't,

and so I left the CIA, became a teacher, and got married

Sydney is beginning to believe that maybe this is a Not Vaughn, and decides
to get some answers with a lamp cord around his neck and some physical force

and while on a roll, she fights her way out of the room

and through the alley

until she's hit with a tranquilizer dart

from Maybe Vaughn's ever-convenient tranq gun

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