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Sad tranqued Syd

Supportive Maybe Vaughn

Alley hug

Then blurs and lights and noises and ...

Syd wakes up

and is greeted by Dixon, who says Syd's safe in a naval hospital - Large  

Syd wants to know what happened to her, where's her dad and mom, how could Will have possibly survived, is Francie still alive, etc. ... all that stuff we want to know, too

Dixon says Maybe Vaughn in Hong Kong was Real Vaughn, that Dixon's the new director of the division, and finally answers one of Syd's questions. Seems that Jack is in prison, in solitary, put there about a year ago by the National Security Council

You answer only one lousy question? This is going to take a lot of episodes!

Enter Happy Weiss, newly-appointed season regular, with a smile for Syd
and a secret message for Dixon - Large  

which they talk about outside Syd's fortuitously glass-paneled door

Seems that some group named The Covenant, which might have an outpost in Paris they just discovered, is after some CIA asset named Kingsley and Kingsley's memory chip, the MacGuffin of the week

Sydney brushes off her rusty lip-reading skills

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