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Run, Syd, run

But wait, it's the train baddie about to slash Weiss's neck

Shoot, Syd, shoot, so that for once Weiss' throat will remain intact during a season premiere

Syd confesses to fellow survivor Weiss that it was all a scam, she can't remember anything, but if only she could get an ID on the guy she just saw, maybe she could get the MacGuffin chip and make the CIA happy and use it for bargaining for Dad's release

Weiss suggests for info, try asking Arvin Sloane, who is now a good guy who works as a consultant for the CIA when he's not overseeing his world health organization in Zurich called Omnifam

It's Zurich

It's Omnifam's stylish offices

It's Sloane himself

It's Syd in Wonderland

It's Sloane saying, Hello, Sydney

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