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Seems Sloane was expecting her and knew just what she'd ask for, for he immediately
hands Syd a file about ...

this man, the baddie Syd is pursuing, a Russian hitman

Sydney wants to know how he could have had this file all ready for her

Sloane says he knows Syd has gone rogue and figures she's trying to win Jack's freedom with some leverage. It's not until he mentions that Syd use to see him in a paternal light that ... - Large  

Sydney takes physical exception to his comments

Syd says she knows Sloane was behind what happened these last two years, and wants to know what he did to her

Sloane says, but wait, I'm a good guy now. I've been redeemed because the Rambaldi machine told me the word "peace" when I turned it on, and I had this big epiphany, see

He's been redeemed so much he's on magazine covers and his company feeds
starving children and is working on a cure for cancer

He's been redeemed so much that he gave the CIA info on two dozen terrorist cells, and Syd should check his CIA files

Yeah, yeah, and if I believed that one, I'd buy me a bridge. I'll just take the file for now, thank you very much - Large  

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