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So Sydney goes with Weiss to the ol' Joint Task Force rotunda,
ready to put her returned memories to work

Syd gets a poem and a hug from Marshall,

and a hug from a pregnant Carrie,

and Syd discovers that Marshall has been busy during these last
two years

On to business, seems Syd remembers being held by a group in Paris,
and that the group mentioned a guy named Kingsley, and she'd be more
than happy to share her knowlege with the CIA should, say, they be going
on a Parisian raid in the near future

Dixon suggests that Syd take some time off before heading out on a MacGuffin chase again

The new Kendall, named Robert Lindsey, says they don't know much about this new group called the Covenant, and any help from Syd in the field would be greatly appreciated

So Syd plays her card - she'll help, but she wants a visit with Dad first

So Syd goes to see Dad, and some warm tearful greetings ensue, before ...

Syd asks what's this crime Jack's charged with mean, "resisting authority"

Jack says it's because he was investigating her death and was working with her mom, and that Lindsey and the NSC went after him for dangerous liaisons

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