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Wonderful Marshall shows up with a gift for Sydney

It's a CD with songs from the last two years to trigger
long term memories- Larger  

Sydney has friends! Yippee!!- Large  

Sydney has The Vertex That Is Vaughn staring at her

The US has trouble, Dixon says - seems that that fiery crash in Moscow was a satellite
deliberately triggered to fall there by ...

this guy, ex-Russian military, who called Sark and plans to meet Sark in Mexico City,
which is where the next caper takes place

Lauren says we just go after Sark to watch, not touch, because lots has happened in two years and we watch really well now with our super satellites

Syd says it's not about watching, it's about people, and they need to nab Sark, and I know I've missed a lot in two years but that's the same

Vaughn says cool it and it's about watching, because they don't need Sark, they need
the Covenant - Larger  

Dixon says Syd, you go watch, but no touchee Sark

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