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Major pissed-off Lauren heads out of the meeting

Hey, I've met her twice in two days and I hate her, and she's a real creepoid

Vaughn says, ah, shucks, she's just missing two years and she's not all that bad, snookums, and anyway I wub you

and here's a wittle smooch in the CIA hallway just to show how much I wub you

Sydney leaves the meeting, pissed off too but stopped by Jack

Bad news - the NSC want to find Lazarey's killer because they think the killer can lead them to The Covenant, and they have a surveillance tape of his assassination too, but I'll try to fix it so they don't identify you

Sydney is having a very bad day

So Jack joins Lauren and Marshall to review the tape of Lazarey's murder

and the blurry image of blonde Sydney

Lauren's gunnin' for the assassin

Jack's just doing his minor contribution to the plot this episode by trying to foil the photo ID

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