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Aw, she's married to the hero of the moment - her own snookums

Aw, he's glad he could be her hero - his own snookums, too

It's LA again, now under full Giant Love Triangle Attack

It's the besieged citizenry, hunkered down in their bunker making dinner - Larger  

Hey, if I'm going to survive the Giant Love Triangle Attack, I need to know some info on the other vertices

Weiss tells all. Seems it began with the deposition about Irina that Lauren took from them all. Deposing Vaughn led straight to romance and marriage, at a farm in Virginia owned by Lauren's dad, Senator Reed- Large   

Back at the CIA, the image of the killer now looks like this

which pleases Marshall, who is going to clean it up more,

but worries Jack, who wants to clean it up out of existence - Larger   

while Lauren looks on, a rapt vertex if there ever was one

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