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Back at the CIA, Dixon reveals all about the next caper - seems that the pics were of the Russian security forces that scrambled in the giant fiery satellite attack in Moscow

Sark and Co are after a satellite zapping system in a bunker under the building in the pic - this week's MacGuffin, colorfully named the Medusa core

The building is the headquarters of a Moscow science foundation,
which is a friend of Sloane's Omnifam

The mission is to go to Sloane, get an invitation into the building
in Moscow, and steal the core. And the agents will be ...

The Giant Love Triangle's Vertices Themselves!!!

At this point, Jack is off trying to get a computer virus to wipe out
the rendered picture that Marshall's working on - and so is spared
direct attack himself from the Giant Love Triangle

Later, on board a nice private jet

The Vertex That Is Lauren says she doesn't hate Syd and hopes they can be friends

The Vertex That Is Syd is all ... uh... yeah ... sure ... you betcha?

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