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In Zurich, the Giant Love Triangle Vertices meet

Arvin Sloane

Seems this vertex was the one who brokered Sloane's pardon deal, and
she goes to see Sloane once a month. So she's the one who asks for
the invites to a reception at this Moscow science thingee, to get the
other vertices of the triangle into the building

This vertex says, yeah, we need invites

This vertex says if we don't get the invites, I'll enjoy hurting you

And Sloane says, here are the invites, and Vaughn, since you were such
a special Syd friend, isn't it special that Sydney is back with us all

Editorial comment:

Sloane, Sloane, he's our man,
If Dixon can't do it, Arvin Sloane can!

It's Moscow

It's Syd interrupting

The Vaughns

who have time for more smooches

as Syd is probably wishing for another vertex right now

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