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It's three hours since Vaughn was stabbed, but it feels like one full week since that last
episode, which is probably why Sydney is running so hard to a phone booth ...

to call Dad

and say, Vaughn's stabbed but tagged, needs a pick-up and a doc, and I need to try to steal the bio-agent before the Covenant picks it up

Ah, but alas, as Sydney is busy calling home, Sark is meeting early with Simon
and gang for an early bio-agent hand-off

The bio agent and one hand

The two cute bad guys with two hands

Alas, poor Sydney is breaking into Simon's room, hoping to find the bio-agent only to discover

zilch, nada, not one iota of bio-agent, at least on a macroscopic level

Great Googli Moogli! And now she hears someone coming ...

unexpected Simon, who unexpectedly finds

a naked Sydney behind a shower curtain

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