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But wait, in walks Sark and Bomani ... only now the room looks empty

Sark does the download of Marshall's newly-changed virus

while Sydney and Marshall wait under the desk and make their escape after Sark leaves

Back in LA, it's old friends at the hospital

and tall tales

and gotta go's

and friendly smiles

But oops, Syd forgot her coat, and heads back to ....

Vaughn snuggles ...

and smooches

And once again, just when we thought we'd escaped from the Giant Love Triangle this
episode, with only the minor dream skirmish, it strikes again. Can anyone survive this
geometric shape? Can Sydney get any more depressingly victimized?
Will the Easter Bunny bring the original Cadbury Cream Eggs, or those new Cadbury
Caramel Eggs?
Maybe, just maybe, we might find a hint of an answer in the next
episode .. personally we're thinking the original Cream Eggs

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