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Syd stabs him again

and says, how could you do that to me

But wait! It's only a nightmare - it's really Lauren at his side

Wowser - unless this is a nightmare, but JJ Abrams promised the viewers there wouldn't be any fake realities or dreams or anything else, so it must be ...

really Lauren

and really Vaughn

and really a lot of pain as the real wife decides to put her head over his collapsed
lung and nearly fatal knife wound

Back at the CIA, Weiss gives news to Sydney - Sloane has miraculously reappeared
in LA and Dixon is sending her to find out what gives

Lauren is there first, but Sydney joins to find out what gives with Sloane

Guys, I'm givin' you info on this nifty AI computer virus that the Japanese mob has
that can phutz everything, and if you go to mob headquarters in Osaka first,
you can get it before the Covenant, whom I've also spilled these beans to

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