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Oh, and I wanna be a double agent for the CIA, meet with the Covenant anytime I want and then I'll report back to you guys what I learn. Can I, huh, can I?

Syd's all, yeah, and I'll believe you ...

maybe after Marshall analyzes this goofy colored video of Sloane

which Marshall says tells him that Sloane's not fibbing, or at least the blue and green
Sloane doesn't fib ... maybe

Sydney says, just a sec. Sloane says how about a pardon for turning over this Bomani guy and you say sure. Now Sloane says how about if I work with his guy and the Covenant, and I'll come tell you about it, and you say sure. Syd's probably wondering if her colleagues believe in the Easter Bunny, too.

Lauren says, the NSC believes. In Sloane, that is.

While Dixon and the others are probably contemplating what kind of Cadbury eggs
the Easter Bunny might leave for them this year

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