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Back at the CIA, Dixon says, remember that bio-agent and the ebola we didn't get last episode?
Well, seems it's been used on a high security prison in the Urals, hundreds dead and one survivor

The one survivor, Kazari Bomani, an imprisoned African arms dealer

who is seen getting an escort out by Sark in a hazmat suit

Lauren says, let's ask Sloane about this - seems Sloane's pardon deal was based almost
entirely on trading intel about Bomani's terrorist network, so Sloane should know. And so it
is that Lauren and Sydney are once again assigned to a Sloane meeting together

On her way out, Syd stops for some cheery words from Dad

Jack says, I'll see what intel on Julia I can get out of Simon. And it's perfectly normal that the wife of a man you stabbed and kicked down a cliff is mad at you, but she'll see the light eventually

Well, there's no light to be seen on the private jet taking Sydney and Lauren to
meet with peripatetic Sloane, this time in Mexico City

Lauren says, time for you to transfer out of this office, Sydney

Sydney says, hey, but all my family and friends are here, and is that a threat?

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