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Will knows the real Sydney died in a fire two years ago, so he figures this one is
another double, pulls a gun, and starts to call the CIA

but is stopped when Syd answers his trick question, says Will was her best friend,
tells him she loves him, and gives Will ...

a nice big mushy hug

and a slightly damp shoulder

Back in the Aliasverse LA of frequent heavy downpours

Sloane gives Lindsey the info on the sniper he hired to kill Sydney

Lindsey gives Sloane another threat that if Syd survives, he's spilling the beans on Sloane to the Justice Department

Back in New Haven, Dr. Brezzel gets a visit

from Sark

who shoots Brezzel in the leg, straps him to a table, and questions him

Sark wants to know what Sydney remembered
Brezzel says that Sydney said she fought herself, she saw her friend Will, and that Jack was calling Witness Protection

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