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In Wisconsin, Will explains about the night two years ago when he woke up in the
bathtub after being stabbed in the gut, crawled out of the burning apartment, ended
up in a hospital, and solved the Unified Field Theory thereby unlocking the secrets
of the Universe

Sydney says, oh and Allison is still alive, and I need you to tell me anything about St. Aidan

Will says, oh, you mean the St. Aidan who was a contact from CIA days? That St. Aidan whom I can still contact for you?

A short while later, Will contacts St. Aidan using their old signals

Back at the CIA, Jack and Vaughn give Lindsey their phony details on their supposed
attempts to find Sydney's alleged kidnappers

which, fairly obviously, is not being believed by Lindsey, who says Jack's good at

Jack warns Lindsey to tread lightly on the subject of his daughter

Lindsey says, back at ya

Jack decks Lindsey

and Vaughn says not much

after which Jack and Vaughn are promptly arrested

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