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Syd calls Sloane to say she's ready to do the fake exchange, and you'd better not run off with the Rambaldi device, you Sloane you

Sloane says, sure, sure, and by the by, Jack and Vaughn have been arrested by Lindsey

A while later, Lindsey is ready at the transfer point

Syd arrives

The assassin aims

and Lindsey gets the ominous laser-sighting dot

and gets shot ... dead ... on the car hood ... on the pier ... with lots of agents
and Syd looking on

After the shooting mayhem, Syd arrives at the Rambaldi device location, where she finds
Sloane, a few extras, and no Rambaldi device

Syd says, OK, how'd you do it? Where's the Rambaldi device?

Sloane says, but they never sent the real device. I'm innocent. Don't I look innocent?

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