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Sydney says, they took away all my regular friend characters this year and I'm not having much fun

but it's great having Will back

and great having a Will hug

and great having a Will kiss, and great having a Will ... fade-out

to Buenos Aires

where Sloane arranges for the assassination of one government employee

Back In Moscow, Lazarey has a Sark torture-chair session, after Sark introduces him-
self as his long lost son, inheritor of the $800 million, someone with father issues and ...

and a lighter thingy that he'll use on Daddy Dearest if he doesn't spill all about what he told Will

After some torture, Lazarey spills Sark's first name - Julian - and some info about Graz, and the comment that The Covenant is pure evil

So Sark puts down the lighter, picks up Allison, and heads for Graz to retrieve the
heretofore unnamed MacGuffin of this episode

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