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In a Warsaw safehouse

Syd tries to figure out this season's mystery: what the Covenant wants, why they kidnapped Lazarey, and why the chicken crossed the ....

Will says don't worry, you'll get to the other side one of these episodes

Back in LA, in a paddy wagon

Vaughn questions Jack's decking of Lindsey, but Jack says, hey, he didn't believe
us and the opportunity for the punch was too good to pass up

Jack says, Sydney is not your concern any more, and no making her your mistress

Vaughn, says, you are soooo cynical

Protective Dad Jack says Vaughn's kindness tortures Sydney, and he needs to
be cruel to be kind and push her away

Back in Warsaw, mystery temporarily forgotten, Sydney tells Will about her depres-
sing story line this year, and that she actually has to work with Vaughn's wife

whom she hates her even though she's kinda nice, and it's hard cause she still loves Vaughn

Will's all, wow, bummer

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