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In an episode broadcast directly after the Super Bowl
Sydney dresses for the occasion and the demographics  Video    

She is ready for something

with this guy, who decides he likes red better

so Sydney changes into red

and strikes a few poses

to please the bad guy and the aforementioned demographics

before grabbing the guy by the neck and forcing info out of him
about a computer terminal on board this luxurious private jet

Syd downloads some stuff from the terminal before changing

and getting caught by another thug

whom she successfully kicks aside

until the guy who didn't like the black outfit comes back

with a gun and fires ...

But wait, it's 24 hours earlier at the CIA and Vaughn pulls Sydney
aside for a private talk before their meeting with Kendall

Things aren't working out, Syd, and I know you probably know what I mean,
but then again you might not know, ya know?

Uh ... no?

Vaughn relates his insomnia problems caused by worry over Syd

as well as his tendency to have heated osculatory thoughts while in Syd's presence

Hey, me too, I think

Before the conversation goes much further, Weiss interrupts with the meeting reminder

Brief cool down

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