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And so it's the second half of the season premiere, in the subway that Sydney will
know well in her new job with APO

Sloane says that the CIA is interested in finding this Vadik, the intended buyer of the isotope from the last episode, so that's their assignment for this episode

Sloane says, Syd, you go talk to another intelligence agent who just happened to have investigated Vadik a few years ago, your sis Nadia

And just to prove that Sloane is stil Sloane, he's still drinking his water

Now Syd says, hey, Nadia is your daughter, why don't you go yourself?

Seems Nadia, after questing with Sloane for the Rambaldi device that Sloane handed over to the CIA, and which Syd surmises bought him this job, decided she didn't want anything more to do with spies, Sloane, her old job, etc. But she's like Syd, wanting to do good, and so Syd can persuade her to help them

Meanwhile, Jack stops Vaughn and says cryptically that maybe Vaughn should tell Syd
the truth before they leave - whatever that "truth' may be

Vaughn says, nope, and Syd isn't talking about you, and I'm not passing messages for you anymore, and I can guess what Syd must have found out in Wittenburg


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