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Back in LA, Dad Jack visits Sydney

He says, we've got a communication problem and that has to stop

She says no way, I know what you did, your smelly cologne sickens me, you being my father sickens me, and I'm going to treat you just like I did at the start of Season One

Jack wonders if Syd said anything to Nadia, and Syd says no, and you scummy
dad, you just are worried about your own back

Before we can hear Jack's rebuttal, Vaughn arrives and Jack leaves

Vaughn says, what gives?

Sydney finally tells what she found in those papers in Wittenburg, namely Jack's request to kill her mom Irina, and the permission he was granted to do that

which makes Syd sad, to think that Dad killed Mom, even though she spent a great
deal of time hoping to kill her Mom herself in a number of episodes

Back at work

Jack says that Tomazaki is laying so low they can't find him

so Sloane says use that Samurai sword he was trying to steal from London as bait

Syd is suppose to steal the sword, and then they can lure Tomazaki out with it

Perhap Vaughn is getting a sense of deja vu

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