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So Syd starts crying as she leaves APO

only to be stopped

and hugged by Vaughn

Later, Weiss drops by Syd's house, and Syd tells him she now works for a bank

which has Weiss saying, so now your real job is the cover job you had with SD-6?

Just as he was about to leave, Nadia walks in

which impresses Weiss

Nadia wants to know more about their mother

so the two agents go to Moscow

and visit her tomb, with Sydney explaining that she had found her mother dead at a
state-run medical facility, ID'd the body, and had arranged for this burial
near her mother's birthplace

Nadia says she wants to kill the person who killed their mother


So what truth did Vaughn not tell Sydney that Jack wanted him to tell her?

Why would Irina put out a contract on Sydney?

Is Sloane really a good guy now?

Is APO really legit?

Will Dixon revert to Robot Dixon ever again?

And what about Weiss, working now for the CIA without any old friends around?

Will we ever learn what this whole "Sydney Bristow Project" is really about, or is that just an aborted storyline?

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