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Now Sydney goes to Marshall as they review what they know about Vadik, and
they realize that from Nadia's surveillance they might have a voice-print of Vadik
since Nadia's friend was transmitting as Vadik killed him

which sends Jack and Marshall to see the thug Vaughn took out on the train, since it seems that the voice print of Vadik that they indeed were able to get from the Argentinians inexplicably matched the voice of Tomazaki that Vaughn got from the train


and the thug says, sure, since there is no Vadik, only Tomazaki

Seems Dixon's been informed that Tomazaki does indeed want the sword, and to
have the woman who stole it from the museum deliver it, with one back-up only

and Jack reveals that Tamazaki and Vadik are the same person

Sloane says, Syd goes with sword to Rio de Janeiro and Jack is her back-up

which doesn't please Syd

Maybe he's trying for the Sloane look?

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