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Yeah but, Yeah but ... Dixon says we need a tech wizard to help us with this and he
knows just who they need ...

Marshall!!! Seems Marshall is feeling pretty lonely around the CIA these days since
everyone he knows has left except for Weiss



and Sark, once again in CIA custody, whom Marshall admits to visiting just to see a familiar face

Weiss says, big no no

Shortly thereafter, as Marshall gets ready to leave

he's arrested by the feds, on the grounds that he attached an illegal object
to his computer, namely this Playstation

Despite protests of innocence, Marshall is led blindfolded
to a lot of friendly faces

Oh, Aunty Syd, you're here, and so is


the Dixon, the Vaughn, and ...

Oh, Syd, not Sloane!

Oh, replies Syd, he won't bite ... yet

That's enough for Marshall, who knows he's back in true Aliasverse once again

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