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Syd and Vaughn

look at Cahill's weird art work and scribblings

Now the ever-resourceful Marshall was able to get a lot of info off the
computer Jack found and learns that

the Cahill's drug contact was this guy, called the Count for some
improbable reason

Sloane says, Syd, it's time to meet the Count, and you can
count on Jack and Vaughn for backup

Dixon says, uh, maybe a good idea to count Syd out of this
caper, 'cause once bitten and all

but Syd says, no, no, please, count me in to meet the Count

and Sloane's all, I'm counting on that, Syd, and later, Dix

Of course Syd isn't counting on this headache, or that weird
brain-melting temp she had last night

which has Nadia telling her to fess up to the doc, or she'll tell

but Syd's all, hey, I'm better now, no melty brain, which kind of
worked since Nadia doesn't tell

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