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While Vaughn is breaking into the chemist's lab, Syd says,
better tie me up, Dad

and then hears Jack tell her things like, I killed your mother
and I want to kill you too

as well as, Syd, you're going to be all right

which has poor Syd asking for a hug

and Daddy gives her one and gets

a head butt in return, and Syd escapes

Vaughn, in the meantime, has found

the convenient antidote and runs out to meet

Syd in the alley, who is crying that she thinks she killed her dad

who does indeed look rather the worse for wear

Before Vaughn can investigate, Syd pulls a gun on Vaughn

who would have been plugged full of bullets had the gun had any

So Syd and Vaughn fight it out in the alley

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