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Conveniently, Jack revives, grabs Syd, knocks her out,

and Vaughn administers the antidote

Back in smoggy LA

Sloane gives the returning crew a 'job well done'

Now Dixon gives Sloane a piece of his mind, metaphorically
speaking, saying that he didn't figure out he worked for the
bad guys cause he couldn't imagine anyone being as vile
as Sloane, and he'll be waiting for the slip-up this time

Ooooooo, a slippery slip-up from slippery slimey Sloane?

Back at the hospital, Vaughn visits Sydney

who learns not to be freaked out by the spider, which this time is real

Vaughn says his dad says that spiders are good luck

Syd's, yeah, sure

and so after Vaughn leaves, Syd is reduced once more to looking serious is a way
that suggests she's ready for the Calvin Klein runway, or has a slight touch of
indigestion, or is thinking on something we don't know about yet


So will the writers ever let us know what Syd is thinking about, or give her a Tums for her tummy?

And is Sloane just as evil as Dixon thinks and will Dixon be there to catch him at it?

And will we ever see open-brain-dummy again?

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