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The doc and Sloane give the team a laptop call

only Syd starts hearing Sloane talk just to her, stuff about
getting Syd to trust him

and suddenly he's there in the room

only he really isn't - it's
just the weirded-out rest of her team

which ends Syd's patience and she tells Count Chocula to tell
where he got the Nocturne, or else

and since the else isn't so nice, Chocula says, Prague

Now Nadia and Weiss get another scene in this caper

and come up with an address in Prague by figuring out the dead
prof's last cryptic comment, which leads them to


a group of chemists in Prague led by

this guy, the imaginary gunman in the first scene

So off go Syd, Vaughn, and Jack to Prague to find this chemist's
lab and hopefully an antidote to Nocturne

Now Syd is getting more and more paranoid

and hears her dad and Vaughn talking about killing her

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