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Now Dixon is called in to the boss

Dixon's polite - hey, I know Syd, still think she shouldn't go

Sloane's baiting - hey, I know more than you do, cause
you couldn't figure out about SD-6 for 11 years, neener

But enough on Dixon and Sloane for the moment, as the scene
switches to this building they tell us is in Bucharest

where Syd seems to be having an encounter wtih a giant spider
in her mug full of ...

blood ...

oops ... or rather ... hey, no spider, no blood, lots of tea

which kind of weirds out Jack

and Vaughn for a bit

but Syd says, hey, no biggie, hot tea, count on me, let's find
the Count, etc.

So donning a more period electified look

Syd goes to the bar to meet

Count Chocula here, who says, hey, meet me now at the end
of the hall

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