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Vaughn takes a shot

and wings the guy who says he won't let his boss hurt his family

and slits his own throat

Uh, oops?

Back in LA, in APO at the end of the Metro

Sloane explains the first scene - seems the chips have on them info on a biometric
weapon that some bad guy is developing that does a biometric scan of a target and
goes after them till the target is dead

Sloane gives the assignments

Syd's going to Salzburg to stop the biometric weapon

and Jack's going to get this arms dealer guy in Angola, someone named Sasha Korjev, whom he apparently knows

While the caper assigments are being given out by Sloane, Vaughn and Weiss speak
quietly in front of the wall of monitors

Weiss wants the Dad Vaughn mystery to investigated by their APO team

but Vaughn says, no, not yet, don't tell

Weiss does give Vaughn the name and addy of one of the code-named operatives
in the Dead Dad Vaughn journal

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