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Back in LA

Weiss wants to know if Vaughn found the Murdoch guy

and Vaughn says, nope

and also says he doesn't want to go to the movies with Weiss and Nadia either

Back in Saltzburg at an empty stadium, and why they're at this empty stadium we'll
probably never know,

Sam's going home, all safe now, and thinks Syd's life must be hard, not being able to share

Syd says, not really - it was in Season One and Season Two, but not so much now

Back in LA, Syd runs into

Jack, who's kind of quiet and says that things went well, and I'm gonna go and eat by myself now

and Syd asks, want company?

and look at that Jack smile - why, he's postively grinning, in a Jack kind of way

So Jack and Syd go out to eat together

Will Sam ever meet up with Sydney again? And would he want to?

Will Syd go in for any more fake noses?

And is Dead Dad Bill Vaughn really a creep?

And will be getting back to the Jack and Sloane plot again soon?

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