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Jack assigned himself to go after Korjev

so Sloane takes a moment to ask his old friend if he really wants to do it

Jack says, yep 'cause it's assassination, and the guys I kill I kill close-up, and they are not merely dead, but really most sincerely dead

So Jack journeys to this small building that the screen says is in Madagascar

and meets an old acquaintance

whom he bribes with unseen DVD's of screaming women

which really seems to turn this guy on

and so Jack gets the info on how to meet Korjev

Back in LA, it's video of little Mitchell

before the op tech briefing for Syd's jaunt to Stuttgart

Marshall's got this nice pack of cigarettes which is really an encoder for magnetic key cards that Syd needs to steal from an employee of a bar in Salzburg, owned by the bad guys, who are hiding the weapon in the basement of the bar

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