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Back in LA

Nadia reports the latest info to Syd - they know the warehouse from which the weapon will be shipped, and hand off Sam to your CIA contact for safe keeping

which Syd hears through something very small

So Syd does a little explaining, about how Sam's bosses are bad guys, how she'll
get him to safety

and Sam's not quite sure, but kind of trusting

Back over this picture of San Diego

Vaughn tracks down the guy that Weiss ID'ed from the Dead Dad Diary

namely this fellow name of Murdoch

who tells a not-so-nice tale about Vaughn's dad

who's in the center of this photo

Seems Vaughn's dad shot this guy in the back and left him for dead, after a little gloating ...

which isn't quite the Daddy image Vaughn has had up until now

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