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Now there's a bit of reminiscing, about how Jack taught Korjev everyrhing, when
Korjev was being supported by the CIA in some sort of rebellion

interrupted by phone call

from the bar owner in Germany, to say the weapon is being shipped

Once inside the house, Jack gets an introduction to

the wife of his friend, who has heard all about Jack and is thrilled to meet him

So Jack goes into his friend's study to wait for him and finds ...

a pic of the two of them on his desk

which Jack ponders as he pulls out his garroting wire

Back in Saltzburg, the weapon is being wheeled into the warehouse, looking a heck
of a lot like a radio-controlled helicopter

while Syd and Sam sneak around

and Syd gives Sam his instructions - wait three minutes, then drive that van over there into the warehouse

and Sam says, uh, OK

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