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Switch to the APO in question

and Syd deciding to ask Dad Jack for some help

So Syd explains about the questionably-dead-Dad-Vaughn's diary, and Nightingale, and can I use your level six access to look at CIA files on Nightingale?

Dad says yes

and so Syd does her search

and brings her findings to Vaughn, sparring with Dixon in this lovely glass-enclosed
gym, cause when you hit a wall, it's great that it's glass, right?

The info on Nightingale has two leads

this Russian scientist, who started the project for the CIA but was kicked out of the country many years ago because he liked to use human guinea pigs

and this guy, a German money launderer, who is apparently helping to fund the weird Russian dude

Vaughn says, but hey, how did you get this info?

and Syd said, I asked Daddy's help, which Vaughn should have expected by now

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