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Switch to another room in the APO, and Sloane getting the scoop from Jack

who suggests hey, if they know where Nightingale is, let Syd and Vaughn do some of the legwork for us

Sloane's OK with this to help them with their project that they haven't let us in on yet

And so Vaughn and Syd are off to discover more info on Nightingale from the German
dude in Munich, but their cover is a romantic weekend in wine country

which has Nadia and Weiss sayin', lucky lucky, and not much else in this episode

Now there is is this footage of what they tell us is Munich

and this nice beer hall with the Germana dude sitting in a booth

and Sydney sayin', I'll get the info from him

and Vaughn sayin', yeah sure you betcha

First stop is the waitresses' locker room

and an interruption from this waitress

and a knock-out from Syd and a quick change of clothes and wig

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