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Jack and Syd meet up for hugs

and explanations that Vaughn has gone rogue and stolen the coil for himself

Back at the APO, Sloane and Jack recap, with more hints about Yelena Derevko
being so important to their secret plan

When suddenly Jack seems a bit out of it, Sloane asks what's wrong

and Jack says nothing ... nothing

Back at her house, Syd gets her message

from Vaughn that he's OK

Back at the APO, Marshall stops an exiting Jack

Marshall realizes he didn't shut down the reactor from the APO, which means that Spock must have gone into the reactor himself and gotten a lethal dose of radiation, and they'll have to shoot him onto the Genesis planet in a photon torpedo tube, and then he'll have to have his conscious carried by McCoy ...

Jack says, but it was for my daughter

and not a word till a later episode - unless, of course, NCC 1701 shows up

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