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Jack calls Syd with an invitation to dinner

Syd accepts, as she discovers ...

that Nightingale involves a Siberian nuclear reactor

and molecular manipulation

Meanwhile, injected Vaughn is a bit frozen in place when joined by this dude

who says he'll tell all about Dad Vaughn, but first bring him the transformer coil from the Nightingale project

and here's my card, and you might want to check out a CIA guy named Phillip Burke

Meanwhile, Jack and Syd have their dinner date, with Jack concerned about this
Nightingale business Syd's investigating

which Syd explains seems to be an ongoing project in Siberia, with molecular manipulation, lots of dead test subjects, and a genetic marker named AD9

Jack says, if dead people, you need to take this to APO

A while later, Jack fills in Sloane on the info form Syd

and there's talk about how this Russian scientist can lead them to Yelena Derevko, whom they think has to be connected to Nightingale

Jack's got a plan - he'll go to Siberia with Syd and Vaughn, and while they're busy getting the coil, he'll get the info on Yelena from the Russian dude

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