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Back in LA, Syd is working on the hard drive

which has the Nightingale info

while Vaughn gets a call from someone anonymous, saying Vaughn has to go to a UCLA library and not tell Syd, and he's got info Vaughn wants

and so it's kiss-and-no-tell as Vaughn heads out for the meet and Syd does her computer wizardry

At this UCLA library

Vaughn gets a call and directions to go to the children's section and look for the
illustrated "Through the Looking Glass"

which contains a syrings labeled ...

"inject me"

to which Vaughn responds, yeah right, and if you think ....

Well, it appears Vaughn stops thinking and does indeed inject himself

Back at the APO, the dad conspirators are wondering how to get the info they need from Syd and Vaughn, and not have them foul up their unknown plans

and Jack's got an idea


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