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As they might say about Season Three, it's a bomb!

The bomb goes in the backpack and out on the back of the guy on the left

who goes to the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen

where he puts the backpack in the X-Ray machine

and whose bomb is thoroughly detected by said machine

and thoroughly ignored by this guard, who suddenly takes a coffee break

while the backpack is left at the visa counter

where it explodes

At APO, the discussion is all about the exploding embassy, and the group who
exploded it, yet another terrorist org called Beograd Faction, who don't seem to have
a manifesto or agenda or known purpose, which is why the CIA sent

this guy named Raimes undercover to find out more about this group. Unfortunately
this guy has missed his last several scheduled contacts

Sloane parcels out this week's action to Dixon and Vaughn ...

they go to Amsterdam and check out this new terrorist org's next meet

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