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Well, it seems that palm capsule is a gizmo the good doc put in Jack's hand to
regulate his meds, and there's one in Jack's leg too

Doc says Jack knew about this already, and it's that memory loss side effect that Jack was warned about, and you'd better tell Syd the truth before it's too late

Aawww, poor Jack, memory loss bad for spies, burdening daughters with lots of truth bad for dads and daughters - what's a spy to do?

Back in Europe, the baddies plus Dixon are on their way to the airport to catch a
plane and pick up the hydrosec

while Raimes and Dixon have a private talk in the back re ethics, allowable
casualties, and families

Back to the APO, after a brief exposition that the hydrosec had been manufactured
by the Indonesians in Peru (huh?), but that the baddies raided the plant for the
samples, the gals go off to do some more non-active scenes while the dads ....

have a discussion about this being the time now to tell the girls, and therefore us, everything

and so at last, we're going to hear a little of what's been hiding in the pages of scripts that never make it into the stand-alone episodes

Switching continents to the airport with the baddies, Raimes and Dixon,

this guy, who made it into that club scene earlier in the episode, fakes a CIA broadcast about having Agent Dixon in place to spy on the baddies

which is conveniently intercepted by this baddie and thus precipitates ...

lots of guns pointed at Raimes and Dixon

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