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Raimes' urry urps are almost over when he runs into ...

Dixon and Vaughn, who say wassup, and why the heck didn't you warn us about the exploding embassy?

Raimes says, hey, I had to keep my cover cause the whole embassy thing was to
find out where the Indonesians were developing this new weapon that contaminates
water and wipes out ecosystems and that kind of thing

It's telephone exposition time - seems the weapon is called hydrosec, and the reason the embassy done blew was to get the Indonesians to send their top secret stuff to another server where the info could be intercepted, 'cause this is what they do when their embassies blow up, which makes one wonder if they need to change their protocols

And we also get the info that a new baddie is ready to join the baddie group, a computer hacker, and hey maybe Dixon can be switched for the hacker if they can find him and take him out

After the long exposition, we return once more to the main action, and Raimes
returns to his baddies with his urry-urp excuses

Now the non-action heroes in this ep get their assignments, including trying to
find the hacker they want Dixon to switch for by using CIA and Interpol info

Just before they leave for their separate non-action segments, Marshall interrupts

He's got the info Sloane wanted to Sophia Vargas, in a file that only he and Sloane read

and isn't Sloane happy!

Meanwhile, Nadia and Syd find Halsey the hacker

in the Interpol database

and staying at a hotel in Amsterdam

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