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At that hotel in Amsterdam, it's intercept-the-hacker time

but this guy just isn't so easy to tranq, Vaughn finds out

as he chases the guy down a fire escape

and through a trash bin, and down an alley

where eventually Dixon clotheslines the guy

Switching to the non-action, Syd takes a minute for a coze with sis

and Nadia says Sophia was the only person who cared about her

which leads back to Sophia in the hospital

getting a visit from Sloane, who says, hey, checked your fingerprint records and you match this unsolved murder, so whassup?

Sophia says, hey, that was the guy who was trying to hurt the little orphans at the orphanage, and those guys who beat me wanted to know the last name I gave Nadia to find her, but I didn't tell

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